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Released - May 10th, 2023

Thanks for updating to v2.0.0!

There are some important things for you to know about this update. Please read the following carefully.

If you’re a streamer:

Please head over to our GitHub and download v2.0.0 and update your StreamerBot. This update is required for the new features to work.

If you’re a viewer:

Your previous points may be gone I’m afraid! This is due to a rework of our database and it was easier to start fresh.


Full breakdown of issues can be found on our GitHub here.

  • Extension
    • Chrome tab opens to this page on install and update
    • added the ability to not include actions in rewards
    • Improved stability of Chrome extension
    • Stop the homepage from loading when clicking the extension icon when not on a stream or video page
    • Improvements to the UI of the extension and buttons
  • StreamerBot
    • Added a system detection feature to determine if a user is using an older version of the StreamerBot actions
  • Website
    • Complete redesign and refresh of the website
  • Websocket Server
    • Allow WS to work on either trailing slash or not